About me

I’m currently an assistant professor at Leiden University. My research focuses on pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology in the fields of bacteriophage therapy, oncolytic virotherapy, and central nervous system infection. Aside from research, I also participate in educational activities. I coordinate the PKPD course for the bachelor program Bio-Farmaceutische Wetenschappen and I also give lectures in various computational subjects.

I studied pharmaceutical sciences (BSc) and pharmacometrics (MSc) at Peking University. During my bachelor I realized that I don’t really enjoy working in a wet lab. One day, I accompanied my girlfriend to an introductory pharmacometrics course and accidentally came across the R language. That day, in a hindsight, determined my career. I then regretfully quit the wet lab where I had intended to continue my master. I abandoned one ship when it was almost too late to board another one but apparently I was lucky enough, it turned out. Ever since, I enjoyed coding very much. In 2016, I flew to Amsterdam for my PhD at Amsterdam UMC. I was a core developer of AutoKinetics, a clinical decision support system for real-time dose recommendation. I took most care of the software algorithm and mathematical modeling.